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    The Circle of 99 Global Business Summit is one of three organizational initiatives (Circle of 99 for Women and Girls, Circle of 99 Social Enterprises) hosted by the Davis & DeFoe Group. The Circle of 99 Global Business Summit is a confluence of visionaries, doers, and influencers who share a collection of actionable tools that can transform business practices and people.


    By actively engaging in four dynamic learning circles, this sharing of replicable approaches further equips business leaders at all levels with strategic tools that foster innovative organizational elevation and effective execution.

   This inaugural edition of the Circle of 99 Global Business Summit is slated for August 10th in New York City!! Global business leaders from all sectors want to be in the room as attendees unfold the myriad contours of an ever-expanding global business ecosystem defining the factors that will lead businesses to elevated heights. Through intentionally crafted learning circles and interactive dialogues, the Circle of 99 Global Business Summit experience is not to be missed.


A gathering of entrepreneurs, leaders and solutionists.
Learning circles facilitated by subject matter experts.

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